HURRY! Not Much Time Left to Enroll...
HURRY! Not Much 
Time Left to Enroll...
Now It's YOUR Turn...
"Never Have Another Day With Zero Sales!"
Generate Steady New Customer Sales, Every Day...
Regardless of Your Product, Price Point, Or Marketplace
Gets You New Customer Sales, Every Day!
No more zero sales days or sporadic new customers. 

Now, you’ll have an evergreen marketing campaign that brings you new customer sales, every day. Consistently. Predictably. That you can bank on.
Creates “Buying Demand” For Your Offer… Without Hardcore Selling! 
Forget the obnoxious hype and exaggerated claims. 

Now, you’ll have a message which creates excitement, hope, and an eagerness to buy within your prospects. Without having to use any of the common aggressive “sales funnel” tactics or trickery.
Turns Prospects Into RAVING Fans That Buy!
Experience sky-high sales conversions… with a marketing message prospects value & appreciate. 

One that positions you as an authority, builds trust, and creates goodwill.
Gets Attention For Your Marketing… Even In A Crowded Market!
Operating in a saturated and competitive market? 

Now, your marketing will stand-out & create engagement. So your emails get opened, your ads get clicked, and you get the leads and sales!
Scales Cold Traffic, FAST & Profitably! 
Never struggle again to get traffic. 

Now, you can scale your flow of leads and new customers as big and as quickly as you’d like. Just turn it on… and watch.
Steady New Customer Sales with the E5 Method
You get the complete E5 Masterclass 6-week training and coaching program which gives you everything you need to have your first E5 Campaign launched and generating sales within just 45 days.

 8 E5 Core Training Modules covering all five stages of the E5 CAMP Method, from beginning to end.

An overview of what you'll learn:


Discover who your best prospects are, what their primary buying triggers and desires are, and the perfect marketing promise for your E5 Campaign. 

>> You’ll identify the perfect campaign model to use for your market and product. 

>> And you’ll learn how to pinpoint exactly what your prospects need to believe about your product in order to buy. 

And by the end of this Stage you’ll know exactly how to present your product or service to your market so it stands-out and is viewed as unique, different, and the perfect solution for your prospects. 


Here is where your new E5 Campaign gets set-up

>> You’ll learn how to put together a simple education-based message with what’s called your Marketing Argument

>> You’ll learn how to get attention for your marketing, even if you’re in a crowded and competitive marketplace, with what’s called your Big Marketing Idea

>> You’ll learn exactly what to say and how to say it in your marketing message — from opening to offer — using what’s called a Unique Mechanism which creates demand for your specific product or service.

>> You’ll learn how to use what are called CPB-Chunks so your marketing message not only makes the sale for you, it also delivers value, creates goodwill, and has prospects view you as an authority.

>> And, finally, you’ll learn how to construct your S.I.N. Offer — a high-conversion offer which turns prospects into buyers without the need for high-pressure selling. 


You’ll learn how to launch your new campaign to the marketplace to start generating sales right away with what’s called a Minimum Viable Funnel.

>> You'll learn a simple and fast way of rolling-out your new marketing campaign with zero risk so you never waste time or money.

>> And you’ll learn how to collect and understand some simple marketing metrics… simple numbers… 

>> So you know with certainty how profitable your new campaign is, when it’s time to begin scaling your traffic for more customers, and when it’s time to make simple tweaks. 

This way you’re not operating in the dark. 

But instead you can feel confident knowing as soon as it’s time to pump more traffic, you’re not risking time or wasting any money. 


>> You’ll learn how to boost the conversions at every step of your new E5 Campaign.

>> You’ll lean how to multiply the value of every new customer using something called an Add-On-Offer Sequence.

>> You’ll learn how to grow your sales conversions by extending the conversion window with each prospect using what’s called an Offer Sequence

>> And you’ll learn how to increase the engagement of every new prospect using something called a BTF sequence.

>> ...and much, MUCH MORE!


>> You’ll learn how to scale your campaign traffic, lead flow, and new customer acquisition even more using a simple 4-step system called B.A.C.O.

>> You’ll learn how and when to start leveraging new traffic sources and audiences to grow your flow of new customer sales even more using the simple numbers from the Evaluation Stage. 

>> And you’ll even learn how to tap into what’s already working for your competitors to grow your business even faster… by uncovering where your competitors are getting all of their traffic, leads, and sales from.


Their best traffic sources. 
Their best performing ads. 
Their best performing campaigns. 
Their best performing offers. 
And even who their affiliates and joint venture partners are.
 30 easily digestible Video Lessons which guide you from A-Z as you develop mastery of the E5 Method.
 Complete Set of Lesson Handouts so you can follow along as you progress, step-by-step, through each Lesson.
 Complete Set of Audio Recordings so you can enjoy a secondary method for digesting the entire E5 Masterclass.
 18 E5 Execution Guides which lead you thru the set-up of every detail of your E5 Campaign.
VALUE: $2,497
Weekly Group Coaching from Todd Brown 
You and Todd will be a team, working together on your marketing and business, side-by-side for the next six weeks.

Every week you'll jump on a weekly group coaching call with Todd… 
and ask any business or marketing questions you may have. 

And on these coaching calls Todd will treat your business and marketing campaign as if they were his ownAs if his money, reputation, and livelihood were on the line. 

* You'll also get the recordings and a word-for-word transcript for each of these six group coaching calls with Todd.
VALUE: $10,500
Personal Guidance & Direction from the E5 Faculty
With the E5 Masterclass, you never have to wonder whether you’re on track or doing everything correctly.

Throughout the entire 6 weeks of coaching, any time you want one or more of the Engineering Pieces of your new E5 Campaign reviewed and approved… you can simply submit a request inside the private E5 CAMP Masterclass Portal… and you’ll get a personal audio response back with actionable direction from one of Todd's personally-trained E5 Faculty. 
VALUE: $1,759
Membership in the Private E5 Community
With your lifetime access to the E5 CAMP Community… you’ll meet and develop friendships with some of the most generous and supportive marketers on the planet. 

You'll enjoy interacting with hundreds of marketers also implementing and using the E5 CAMP Method to launch new businesses, grow existing businesses, and scale already successful businesses. 

You can have your questions answered… get feedback and critiques from top E5 marketers on your own campaign… weekly see more examples of the E5 CAMP Method in action… gain additional insight into how others are using the E5 CAMP Method to market and sell your exact type of product… and celebrate your victories as your business and income grows bigger and bigger. 
VALUE: $997
* Any and all results described here do not indicate promises or guarantees of similar results, financial or otherwise. As with all education and training, results will vary and depend upon the business and person applying them.
- Travis Houston | San Diego, CA
I now have a PROVEN MODEL…"
- Lee Fuller | Brandon, FL
“I NO LONGER have to go to a job."
- Tama Lea Lorenzen | Dubuque, CA
"The RESULTS are night and day before E5 and after E5."
- Mike Caldwell | Quebec, Canada
“The E5 CAMP Methodology 
- Robert Szelazek | Ontario, Canada
I’m rising above my competitors very quickly…”
- Markus Heitkoetter | Austin, TX
“The number of leads… DRASTICALLY LARGER!
- Randy Angsten | Scottsdale, AR
 “BIG UPTAKE in our conversion rates…”
- Charl Coetzee | South Africa
“From 120 people following us… to OVER 24,000.”
- Sheri Barker | Chula Vista, CA
amazing transformation stories from the e5 masterclass
“I went from a struggling wanna-be entrepreneur… to owning my own 
7-FIGURE marketing agency!
“I’m now living in a house in Miami… 
I just bought the car of my dreams.”
"Over $250K in sales from one webinar 
(and I bought this new Lambourgini - Thanks Todd!)"
"Now, I have a 5-FIGURE a month business thanks to E5 C.A.M.P."
"Since E5 C.A.M.P. our business has 
GROWN 46%!"
"I'm now having 7-FIGURE MONTHS 
on my way to 8-figures and beyond..."
"I turned $200 into $3,000 with my first
E5 Campaign. It was a game-changer!"
(VALUE: $6,294)
You get copies of 6 COMPLETE E5 MARKETING CAMPAIGNS, engineered by Todd personally, which have generated over 8-figures in online sales. 

You get all the pages, all the images, all the offers, and all the copy. 

This way you have the exact page templates and layouts Todd's using in his own million-dollar-plus E5 campaigns which you can model and swipe for your own campaigns. 

So, now, you don’t have to worry about how to layout and format any of your campaign pages… you can just swipe these.
You also get access to a behind-the-scenes video view and dissection of 4 more of Todd's E5 campaigns that have produced multiple millions of dollars. 


You’ll see what Todd said, when he said it, why he said it in each of these campaigns... including how he developed the Unique Mechanisms and Big Ideas, all the psychological triggers used (and why), how he strung together the claims, promises, and proof.

Discover how and why Todd structured the offers the way he did, why he used the bonuses he selected, the follow-up sequences and emails, the ads he ran, even the videos and graphics used. 

Including your own unedited copies of the video scripts and video slide-decks that you can model for your own campaign.   
 12 of Todd's personally-written video marketing scripts (PRICELESS!)
 8 slide-decks (used in the marketing videos)
 2 mind maps (detailing the strategy behind every piece)
 Long-form sales letter (dissected and ready for you to model and swipe).
You get 15 COMPLETE EMAIL SEQUENCES you can swipe, model, and use in your own E5 campaign... or any additional campaigns you have or set-up. 

And these aren’t just some templates thrown together. 

These are email sequences Todd personally wrote and and is using inside of real E5 campaigns.

So, with your copy of the Complete Email Sequence Swipe File, you never have to worry about staring at a blank page or what to say or how to say it in any of your campaign emails. Because you now have 15 complete email sequences you can swipe and deploy. 

If you were to pay someone to create this volume of emails and sequences for you, even a C-Level copywriter would charge you at least several hundred dollars just for a single email, if not more. 
You get access to a private, internal video manifesto from the COO of Todd's company, MFA, breaking down our entire traffic generation approach from beginning to end. 

And because it was recorded as an internal debrief for our leadership team, you won’t find any fluff or hype or bogus tactics in here

You’ll see right away, the way we approach and generate traffic is very different from what most average marketers are trying to do. 
 A Complete behind-the-scenes view of how we approach traffic generation, select channels, design campaigns, choose audiences, set our budgets, review our metrics, and more. 
 Discover how we scaled our traffic from just $30 bucks a day to tens of thousands of dollars in new traffic, daily visitors, and customers.
When you’re done watching this, you’ll have everything you need to successfully and profitably scale your new E5 C.AM.P. campaigns using paid traffic to get even more new customer sales.
  •  Access to the E5 Masterclass Portal & 8 Core Training Modules (Value: $2,497)
  • 6 Weeks of Weekly Coaching with Todd Brown (Value: $10,500)
  • 6 Weeks of Feedback & Direction from the E5 Faculty (Value: $1,759)
  • Lifetime Access to the E5 Private Community (Value: $997)
  • FREE: The Complete Campaign File & Dissection Bundle (Value: $5,000)
  • FREE: The Ultimate 15 Campaign Email Sequence Swipe File (Value: $1,897)
  • FREE: The Private MFA Traffic Training (Value: PRICELESS)
  •  100% 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee 
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Q: Why is this program different than any other program?
A: The E5 CAMP Masterclass teaches you how to market ANY product or service in ANY niche or marketplace. It is a comprehensive course on understanding your prospects wants/needs, and creating a deep desire for your product or service before ever even mentioning it to your prospect. Most other courses teach you how to SELL using short-lived sneaky sales tactics for a specific type of marketing channel, whereas the E5 CAMP Masterclass teaches you how to leverage the desire that is already within your market, and turn those desires into buyers without ever selling.
Q: Will this work with ANY specific Niche or market?
A: Awesome Question! It doesn't matter if you are selling mattresses or Ninja swords, or cooking classes... the E5 Framework is designed to ignite a buying desire from your prospect that gets them to say YES to whatever it is you are selling. It works in ANY market, with ANY niche.
Q: What if I am new and I don't have a product yet?
A: VERY good question! If you do not have a product to sell, but you are planning on having something to sell in the future, then E5 CAMP is for you. Even if you are not sure exactly what product to be selling, E5 will guide you in uncovering your prospect's biggest needs, wants and desires- as opposed to creating a product just for product creations sake.
Q: This sounds complicated, is it difficult to do?
A: There is nothing more essential to the success of your business and nothing that will change your life and income more than the ability to consistently get new customer sales. And if it was easy, everyone would have 6 and 7 figures businesses. It is going to take some work on your part. The unique thing is you will be following in Todd's proven path and have Todd and his team with you every step. With the E5 C.A.M.P. method, anyone willing to do the work can start getting the new customer sales you want and need to have a thriving business!
Q: Will this work with Physical Products?
A: The E5 CAMP works with anything you are attempting to sell online or otherwise. It is a system based upon the desires and needs of your marketplace or niche, and uses those desires and needs to get the prospect to make a buying decision.
Q: Where do I get traffic for my business?
A: With so many traffic sources available today like Facebook, Instagram, Google display ad's, etc... it really doesn't matter where you get your traffic from just as long as you are able to target your specific audience- which you can do in all of the examples I just mentioned. The E5 CAMP Masterclass focuses on getting your traffic to convert into a buyer. THAT is the most critical piece of the puzzle.
Q: What if I sell high-ticket coaching programs.. will this still work?
A: Listen, it doesn't matter if you are selling a simple entry-level product, or a high-ticket coaching program, the E5 CAMP system takes the desires that already exist in your marketplace and leverage them so that your prospect says YES to you when you ask them to buy. We have many students who sell coaching programs over 5 figures and do very well because of the E5 Framework.
Q: How and where should I build my website?
A: Great Question! You are probably asking this question because there are a lot of different website builders out there, and we like to say that we are tool agnostic. What that means is that our E5 Framework works with any of the page building systems out there. As long as you can create a message, our framework works with it.
Q: What if I miss one of the live coaching sessions?
A: If you miss one of the coaching sessions due to a pre-scheduled event or even something like an emergency (we know things come up all the time) it's OK! All sessions are pre-recorded, and if you have a specific question it can be answered either on the following call, or in the secret Facebook group, where our team is ultra-responsive.

Q: Who does the critiques?
A: We have a highly-responsive team with specific specialties for each one of the E5 core competencies. Our team is all versed in Todd's E5 framework, and you will be getting responses from our entire team, including Todd!
We’re Waiting & Ready To Take Care Of You!
If you have any questions about E.5.C.A.M.P. or need help with your purchase, please click the help button at bottom of this page
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